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design-services-team-sketchup-shade-structuresGuided by innovation and experience, ShadeFLA’s shade design team focuses on creating a unique vision for each project that suits your practical shade needs. Our primary goal is to integrate our high-end shade products seamlessly into your existing outdoor space to provide maximum function and style.


The design process:

  • Discuss project with client
    • What is the size and shape of the outdoor space? What is its primary function? Is rain protection needed in addition to sun protection?
    • Which product best suits the client’s needs, vision, and budget?
  • Gather plans, photos, and measurements
  • Create a customized design
  • Perform sun study using Google Sketchup software
  • Prepare design estimate
  • Review with client


Inspiration combines with expertise to offer bold and artistic products designed and engineered specifically for outdoor living.  As a design service keen on meeting the desires and needs of our clients, it is our responsibility to create shade sails design solutions that are customized to meet client’s vision as closely as possible.


Our design team understands business. That is why we design shade structures that allow hotels, restaurants, and other businesses to use their outdoor space to capacity and maximize revenue. Whether you’re looking to provide shade, produce more revenue, or bring in a bold, new stylistic element to your outdoor space, ShadeFLA’s design team can make it happen.


We are excited to help you transform the look and feel of your outdoor living space!


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