Outdoor Workspaces – Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness in Outdoor Workspaces

Bringing the outdoors in has always been a go-to design concept. And that’s because people like to be surrounded by nature due to its calming elements. Of course, incorporating natural colors and materials or even creating an indoor garden is no substitute for designing an immersive outdoor space.

When it comes to outdoor spaces and the workplace, the benefits are astounding.

“Our Outdoor Living Space by Renson has been transformative for our terrace. The Louver Roof system allows us to enjoy the outdoors in rain or Shine. ShadeFLA was great to work with.”


One Ocean Penthouse

Increases concentration.

Between incoming phone calls, constant emails, Zoom meetings, coworkers and clients coming through the door – the office can be distracting at times.  Distraction can obviously impact a person’s productivity. A well-designed outdoor workspace can restore focus and alleviate mental fatigue by giving employees a space to unwind, reset and reconnect beyond the hustle and bustle of their desk.

Reduces stress.

Let’s face it; work can be stressful. Changing your surroundings and being outdoors, away from the fluorescent lights and glowing computer screens has been known to give you a mental boost and lower your stress levels.

Improves health.

By now, we all know that sitting behind a desk for hours on end is terrible for your health. Getting up and walking outside helps improve your health. And so does soaking up some much-needed vitamin D through exposure to the sun.

Improves happiness.

In 2018, well-known outdoor retailer LL Bean launched an initiative to bring more outdoor time into the workplace. They set out to better understand what employees wanted. Their findings? Eighty-two percent of employees liked or loved the idea of working outside, but only half thought their supervisors would support the option.

There are so many benefits to working outdoors. And there are a variety of ways to create a well-functioning outdoor workspace. Discover the perfect solution for your needs at ShadeFLA.

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