Mix it Up With Modular Designs

Mix it Up With Modular Designs

Trends in home design are constantly changing so why should your home stay the same? Modular designs allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and re-do your outdoor space in no time.

ShadeFLA loves to work with modular structures because they:

  • Allow for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Provide the ultimate in design flexibility
  • Are portable and space efficient
  • Are cost and energy efficient



Modular systems in outdoor design allow clients to easily remove the individual parts that need to be cleaned or repaired instead of having to remove the entire unit. This is also ideal for hurricanes and storms because most modular systems can be easily taken apart. ShadeFLA loves to work with Layze Systems, a state-of-the-art company that specializes in modular systems. From cabanas to awnings and fences, Layze covers the full spectrum of outdoor living and patio design.



The modular construction process enables collaboration and customization from the design stage through to the on-site build, helping to achieve both the architect’s vision and the owner’s goals.”

As a design company that thrives on the latest architectural trends, our team loves to work with modular systems because of the design flexibility they provide. From custom fabrics and a wide array of colors, modular systems truly allow you to build the outdoor terrace of your dreams!


Portable and Space Efficiency

Modular systems are fully-customizable to fit in any space. When hospitality clients come to us looking for a shade solution for their outdoor pool deck but have restrictions in terms of maintenance and space, we typically recommend modular structures.


Cost and Energy Efficiency

Modular components can be disassembled, relocated or reused for new projects, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing the amount of energy expended to create a new structure (Modular.org).

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