Our Mission: Live Outdoors & Stay Shaded


At ShadeFLA we believe in creating spaces that allow you to comfortably enjoy the outdoors and soak up every last ray of sunshine all while staying cool under the latest and greatest of shade structures. Our mission is to provide our customers with long-lasting design-forward shade products. Whether you are looking for functionality, simplicity, or bold artistic designs, we’re here to help you transform your outdoor space into a cool oasis for you and your customers.

Core Values

  • Uphold the client’s vision and make it a reality
  • Provide seamless service from design to completion
  • Be punctual and friendly at every step in the installation process
  • Improve the health of citizens by providing them with adequate sun protection
  • Encourage people to live outdoors

What We Do

Inspired by the vibrant colors of her hometown, Miami, FL, ShadeFLA President, Margueritte Ramos founded the company in 2005 with the goal of combining sun protection, design flair, and technology. Originally, ShadeFLA focused on tension sails and playground canopies but in 2008, something caught their eye. Vice President, Carlos Herrera noticed a unique shade product while traveling in Bratislava, Slovakia: a Sun Square retractable sail. The Austrian-designed product retracts automatically at wind speeds of 25mph. In 2009, ShadeFLA became the exclusive U.S. dealer for Sun Square and installed its very first Sun Square retractable sail at The Betsy Hotel on South Beach. In 2010, ShadeFLA began offering cabana installations, and throughout the years it has continued to expand its services, with products ranging from retractable roofs to screens, louvered roofs, misting systems, durable outdoor umbrellas, and more, in an effort to create a one-stop-shop for outdoor shade.


ShadeFLA has helped numerous restaurants and hotels maximize space and revenue with stylish shade products. The company has retained its original mission of providing sun protection while expanding to offer the ultimate products for luxury outdoor living. As President Margueritte Ramos says, “There is nothing more inviting than sitting in the cool shade on a beautiful day!”


How We Do It

Our design team will work with you to create a customized look for your space based on your needs. We offer a wide fabric selection including lightweight shade cloth and heavier rainproof options. Once you are satisfied with the design, we will take care of everything from the custom fabrication of your shade structure to installation, permitting, and maintenance.

Whether you are interested in pure function or you are looking to add a unique design element to your building or outdoor space, ShadeFLA has a design solution to meet your needs. We, together with the best architects and engineers in the industry, will walk you through the process of any design you envision, from start to finish!

We are located in South Florida and offer design and installation services throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America.

The Results


“Outdoors is the new indoors”

With outdoor seating, average restaurant revenue rises by up to 30%


Owners of office spaces, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, museums and more, are seeing the results on their ROI. In 2021, creating an outdoor space that complies with social distancing restrictions, where customers want to go for a safe escape, is no longer an option but a business imperative.


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We are located in South Florida and offer design and installation services throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Central America

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