At Shade FLA, we understand that as a business, finding industry solutions that can maximize space and revenue while also providing guests with luxury and comfort is of the utmost importance. We have a wealth of experience in helping you find a shade industry solutions that meets your needs and budget, and can help you analyze how it will increase your revenues.


We will work with you through every step of the process, from finding a design that meshes with your current look to installing on a schedule that offers the least interruption to your regular business.


We offer shade products for every location, from the pool deck to the beach and from sidewalk cafes to rooftop terraces.


Problem: Not enough shade on the pool deck

Solution: Portable umbrellas closer to the pool, with permanent cabanas around the perimeter


Problem: Restaurant patio cannot be used on days when it is raining or there is excessive heat

Solution: Retractable roof and screens that can be retracted at night and on cool days


Problem: Narrow sidewalk café area that becomes unbearably hot during lunch service

Solution: Cantilever umbrellas that maximize space for tables and shade


Problem: Valet parking area that is unprotected from sun and rain

Solution: Waterproof tension sail or fixed awning adds functionality and style


Problem: Outdoor buffet area for special events cannot be used during the day because it is too hot but you don’t want an intrusive umbrella or canopy

Solution: Sun Square retractable shade that adds element of style


We can help you with these problems and many more! Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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