Industry Solutions

We offer shade products for every location, from the pool deck to the beach and from sidewalk cafes to rooftop terraces.
A cabana offers protection from sun, rain and wind exposure as well as privacy and individual space outdoors. We are proud to offer a variety of brands and styles including Tuuci lounges, Tuuci Equinox cabanas, and the Shadescapes Cuscini collection. ShadeFLA can also create a completely custom cabana to suit your needs. Install a single cabana or an entire row along your pool deck or beach front.

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Problem: Not enough shade on the pool deck

Solution: Portable umbrellas closer to the pool, with permanent cabanas around the perimeter

Problem: Restaurant patio cannot be used on days when it is raining or there is excessive heat

Solution: Retractable roof and screens that can be retracted at night and on cool days

Problem: Narrow sidewalk café area that becomes unbearably hot during lunch service

Solution: Cantilever umbrellas that maximize space for tables and shade

Problem: Valet parking area that is unprotected from sun and rain

Solution: Waterproof tension sail or fixed awning adds functionality and style

Problem: Outdoor buffet area for special events cannot be used during the day because it is too hot but you don’t want an intrusive umbrella or canopy

Solution: Sun Square retractable shade that adds element of style