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ShadeFLA is a proud member of The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), a registered provider with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Continuing Education System. Credit earned on completion of these programs will be reported to CES records for AIA members.

As a member of IFAI’s Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) Division, ShadeFLA is one of the many companies that provide awning and awning-related products and services to end-users. This division raises awareness of awnings as an image-enhancing, energy-saving and attractive addition to residential or commercial structures.

PAMA 101: Enhancing Your Design With Awnings and Canopies

This course covers a range of informational topics about awnings and canopies. The following topics are included in the presentation of awnings and canopies respectively: history, definitions, styles, frames, fabric, attachments, energy efficiency, UV protection, engineering, codes, permits and regulations.

Learning Objectives

This course covers the energy efficiency benefits of awnings and canopies.

The course also highlights the importance of shade from harmful UV rays and how that protection can be found through the use of awnings and canopies on buildings.

This course gives an overview of the different engineering, codes, permits, and regulations that are needed to successfully construct an awning or canopy. They are also provided with information on how to further educate themselves on specifics they will need for their project.

The course provides the audience with history, definitions, styles, frames, fabric and attachments to awnings and canopy’s respectively.

PAMA 102: Expanding Your Knowledge of Awnings, Canopies and Other Shade Structures

This course covers a variety of fabric, design, engineering aspects, installation with specific attachment methods and includes detailed case studies.  The architectural elements presented in the course are awnings and canopies.

Learning Objectives

The course covers energy efficiency benefits of awnings, canopies and other fabric structures; including an in-depth summary of an energy study performed.

The course gives an overview of specialty fabrics that may be used to construct architectural elements, which consist of awnings, canopies, screens, panels, banners and shade sails.

Students are provided with information on the benefits of each fabric and architectural element discussed, which range from environmental, cosmetic, durability, usability, safety and cost benefits.

This course will cover the detailed fabrication process for fabric structures (i.e. awnings, canopies, etc.) and will include everything from design considerations to proper installation.

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Our Lunch & Learn sessions allow you to fulfill 1 CEU HSW learning unit from the convenience of your office. Each one-hour session includes PAMA course with Q&A time, lunch for all participating architects and designs, and an exclusive presentation of the latest & most innovative shade products.

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