Renson® specializes in ventilation, sun protection, and outdoor products. With experience dating back to 1909, the company develops systems that provide consumers with a healthy and comfortable living and working environment, while taking into account energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Renson prides itself in creating innovative products that truly transform every house into a healthy and comfortable home. Their outdoor roof system is comprised of rotating panels that can be rotated either manually or with remote control from 0° to 170° to open and close the roof. It allows you to decide how much sun protection and/or ventilation you require.

Their structures can be fully made to measure and come in different styles: traditional, modern or contemporary.


“We also appreciate the aesthetic values of every building, allowing our sun control and ventilation systems to be incorporated invisibly into your home. Our terrace coverings and aluminum blades for covering façades provide clear accents, offering added value to the architecture. Inside, we ensure that doors are integrated invisibly with no conspicuous frames or visible joints.”


ShadeFLA is an Authorized Renson Dealer.

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