Misting System for Outdoor Areas: Beat The Heat With A Twist

April 9, 2018

It’s that time of year again for board shorts, bikinis and sun-kissed skin. This is the season you either hate for the unbearable sweltering heat or love because of the fun in the sun. If you own a business with an outdoor area, such as a restaurant with outdoor seating or a hotel with a poolside, you can’t avoid the summer heat and how it affects your guests. If you don’t have a decent misting system to beat the summer heat, you can potentially risk losing customers who prefer establishments with a comfortable outdoor area. Rather than watch as other restaurants steal your customers from you, why not invest on misting systems and beat the heat with a twist? 



Behind The Scenes

What are cooling misters, really? Is it different from those fog machines you usually see at concerts? These vast machines are usually tents, canopies or curtains installed with multiple misting nozzles. They work on the principle of evaporation and condensation. Starting from a reliable water source, the mist emits high pressure droplets that are easily evaporated by the sun. The droplets are then turned into cool air by the principle of condensation, which creates a small cooling pocket. This is the pocket where cool air sinks and hot air rises. It becomes a convenience and a better environment for guests to order and eat and hang out in a well cooled outdoor area.



The Advantages

The fact that your guests are pleased from the cooling ambiance of your outdoor area is already a win. However, this isn’t the only factor that can help attract business. the misters emit a high pressure visual thin mist that can be often mistaken for fog from afar. This creates a stylish appeal that can grab the attention of people. They will come for the misters out of curiosity, but will stay for the food and drinks. Don’t forget to pair it with a retractable roof system to really make your business stand out from the competition.



The misting system is as cost effective as it can get. They also come in different sizes, requires less maintenance, less hassle to install and is less energy-consuming compared to an industrial fan or a heavy duty air-conditioning system. All in all, Shade FLA‘s misting systems creates an aesthetically appealing cooling system with less cost.



Did You Know?

Depending on the misting system pressure, as well as the outdoor temperature and relative humidity, temperatures can be reduced to up to 30º F.  ShadeFLA has installed misting systems on rooftop decks, in conjunction with fans, and on terraces.




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