How Your Team Can Tour Our Showroom  During a Lunch & Learn Session

March 19, 2023

Lunch and learn sessions have become very popular with companies and clients, most likely because they’re a fun combination of a learning and social event. And we’re excited to announce the launch of our new lunch and learn sessions for landscape architects and designers, architects, and interior designers. As leaders of shade structures and solutions, we will provide valuable insights and knowledge about awnings as image-enhancing, energy-saving, and attractive additions to residential and commercial structures.

At ShadeFLA, we take shade very seriously and understand its importance in design. It provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays, enhances the aesthetic appeal of a building, and creates a comfortable environment for its occupants. That’s why we’re committed to sharing our expertise with architects and others through these lunch-and-learn sessions.

Join us for our lunch-and-learn sessions so you can see firsthand the quality and versatility of our products, especially the Renson Camargue Louver Roof showroom model and samples. Our sessions will cover various topics related to shade design and implementation. These may include:

  • Introduction to shade structures: An overview of the different shade structures available, their features, and their benefits.
  • Setting the scene: Identifying trends in outdoor living and discussing how to respond to those trends.
  • Design considerations for shade structures: Factors to think about when designing shade structures – including sun protection, property types, materials, colors, and placement.
  • Installation and maintenance of shade structures: Tips and best practices for installing and maintaining shade structures to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Our lunch and learn sessions will be led by our team of experts, all with years of experience in shading solutions. Attendees can learn from and interact with our experts, ask questions, and share their insights and experiences. As an AIA-approved CEU HSW course, these sessions offer a convenient and flexible way for architects to earn continuing education credits.

And if you can’t make it for lunch, don’t worry. We also offer a Happy Hour and Learn session where attendees can gain valuable insights and knowledge about shading solutions while enjoying a more relaxed setting.
We’re looking forward to seeing you in our showroom soon!
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