Retractable Shade Sails – Sunsquare Shades

January 19, 2015

The exclusive Sun Square motorized, retractable shades, also known as a retractable sail awning are praised for its ability to combine function and style like no other retractable canopy in the shading industry. This cool gadget and shades of luxury is manufactured in Austria and carries itself as an architectural state of the art technology.

This high-end outdoor motorized shades system is made of marine grade stainless steel and can be adapted to any setting. SunSquare Systems, designed by award winner industrial designer Gerald Wurz, are the only patented sails, triangle or rectangular, that retract with the wind, by remote control and/or hand crank.   The automatic or motorized shades system keeps your property safe during high winds or storms.

Worldwide architects and engineers confidently work with Sunsquare shade sails, adding further aesthetic appeal to any building, roof terrace or any chosen environment.

Visit our ShadeFLA outdoor retractable shades for recent installations in Los Angeles, Louisiana, The Hamptons, Manhattan, Houston, Michigan, Miami and more.



The Sun Square Retractable Shade Sail is a sleek canopy mounted over stainless steel or aluminum supports and automatically retracts when winds exceed 25 miles per hour.  Simple, elegant and functional; the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. It is distinctive yet integrates itself harmoniously in landmarked environments.

Praised for its peak performance and lucent simplicity, these Retractable Sun Sails reinvent the classic, capture innovation and seek to perfect the timelessness look.

Such motorized retractable canopy systems are the boundary between indoors and outdoors, the house and the garden.  It opens new living areas and allows for expansion, making the outdoors feel like home.

ShadeFLA is the exclusive partner of SunSquare in USA.


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