Playground Shades & Canopies

Whether you want to provide guests with a peaceful refuge from the sun or just hang out in your backyard or by the pool, custom cabanas and canvas gazebos are an ideal choice. Allow guests at your spa or resort to enjoy the shade and amenities by installing a cabana.

Canopies & tension sails block 95% of the sun's rays. Ideal for areas that regularly entertain people.

Sunshades for playgrounds, such as stand-alone canopies or tension sail structures, are ideal for areas that regularly entertain people. Children are especially susceptible to the negative effects of the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays, but adults need protection as well.

The playground canopy covers are free-standing structures supported by four or more durable steel posts covered with specialty shade cloth such as Comtex. Playground shades and canopies are ideal for schools, parks, recreation centers, museums, zoos, water parks, dog parks, and daycare centers.

We install playground shade & canopies at schools, pools, parks, pet boarding centers, & museums in South Florida.

The fabric used on the sunshade blocks 95% of the sun’s harmful rays and comes in an assortment of colors ready to compliment any park or existing building. A shade structure allows children to play without getting sunburned or made uncomfortable by the heat. The playground canopy keeps temperatures cooler and invites children to play in a protected environment.

Each playground canopy is custom manufactured to your exact specifications. We offer Comtex sails with spans up to 50′. Frames are custom-welded from commercial-grade steel and powdercoat painted in the color of your choice. Shade cloth comes in nearly a dozen different colors. If you choose to install a tension sail structure, you can mix-and-match different colors for a fun, catchy look.

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Features of Playground Shades & Canopies

Free-standing structures supported by durable steel posts

Blocks 95% of the sun’s harmful rays

Custom manufactured to your specifications

Spans up to 100'

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