SunSquare Retractable Sails

ShadeFLA is proud to be the exclusive U.S. retailer of SunSquare retractable shade sails. This unique shade structure is praised for combining function and style like no other retractable canopy in the shading industry. Stylish shade sails combine with a wind-sensing motor that automatically retracts the sails when wind gusts reach 25 mph.

SunSquare is the ultimate in architectural state-of-the-art shade technology

Manufactured in Austria, SunSquare was designed for the high-end customer and can create a luxury shade experience at hotels, restaurants, upscale residences, and more. The SunSquare outdoor motorized shade system has a frame made from marine grade stainless steel and can be custom designed to fit any environment.

The sails are sewn from shade fabric that protects against UVA/UVB rays and light rain. We offer high-quality fabrics by Serge Ferrari in various colors. Depending on your space, you may select triangular or rectangular sails and install either aluminum columns or a cantilevered frame.

SunSquare opens up new living areas & allow for more effective use of space, making the outdoors feel like home.

SunSquare sails, designed by award-winning Austrian industrial designer Gerald Wurz, are the only patented shade sails that retract by either automatic wind sensor, remote control, or hand crank. The automatic retraction feature of the SunSquare keeps your property safe during storms and high winds and is especially convenient for South Florida’s tropical weather.


Architects and engineers worldwide confidently work with SunSquare shade sails with the knowledge that not only do they add further aesthetic appeal to any building, but they also provide clients with quality sun protection. Their easy maintenance is yet another benefit! Such motorized retractable canopy systems blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors, the home or workspace and nature, and design and technology.

Fold & Roll

Fold & Roll is one of the latest inventions by SunSquare. In this design, folding and rolling motions are combined.
The one-legged pillar is twistable 270 degrees, that allows the shade to be possible from morning to evening.
When the wind gets strong, the arm system folds automatically.

Features of Sun Square Retractable Sails

Aluminum and marine-grade stainless steel frame and components

Selection of Serge Ferrari and Sattler shade fabrics

Somfy motor, wind sensor and remote

Ground, wall, or cantilevered attachment options

Triangular (SQK) or rectangular (Axis) sail options

LED lighting options available

Sails retract automatically at 25 mph

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