Why You Need to Use Shades and Canopies for Playgrounds

Why You Need to Use Shades and Canopies for Playgrounds

Shade structures are not all about making your home or business look fun. They offer other benefits aside from aesthetics. As shade structures grow in popularity, especially in South Florida, more and more people are adding shade to their property and businesses. Not only are these fantastic for giving you that perfect cover every time you want to spend time outside, but they also provide excellent shelter benefits to parking lots, pools, and children’s playgrounds. Here are some of the reasons why you need to use shades and canopies for playgrounds.


Protection from UV Rays

While everyone needs their daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun, you should know that too much of anything can be harmful, and this includes the hot sun! While adults may be okay with the hot temperature, it’s important that you monitor your children and their exposure to the heat of the sun. Too much UV exposure can lead to different health conditions, which include eye and skin damage, and in worse cases, even skin cancer. Shade structures will protect your children and clients from too much UV exposure.

Material Preservation

Over time, sun exposure can have a serious effect on some of your playground equipment, especially those that are made of plastic. UV rays can have a serious corrosive effect on playground equipment because the plastic will fade away, and eventually break down. Equipment made of metal can corrode quicker than plastic, especially if it is placed under the hot sun for a long period of time. Installing shades, canopies, and tension sails will definitely help, if not completely prevent it from happening. If your playground equipment is protected by shades, the overall usability will be improved.


Weather Immunity

If you want your playground equipment to last for a long time, shades will prolong the lifespan of the structures by shielding it from different weather conditions such as hail, UV rays, and heavy rain. Shade structures usually have fabric or metal canopies. If you are looking for an effective protection against heavy objects such as hail, then metal canopies are the perfect option. Shades are also great additions to parking lots because they are also designed to protect your vehicles from such elements.



Temperature Regulation

You know what happens if you play around with heated objects, right? On a hot sunny day, playground equipment, especially those that are made of metal, gets very hot very fast, which puts your child at risk. Having a shade over all of the playground equipment will prevent the sun from heating up the equipment, saving your child from potential burns. The canopy sun shade fabric used at Shade FLA blocks 95% of the sun’s rays and comes in an assortment of colors ready to compliment any style. What you want is for your child to enjoy their playground experience, right? What better way to do so than to ensure that they’re fully protected from heat and harmful UV rays at all times?

Financial Benefits

The AAD or American Academy of Dermatology provides incentives for playgrounds with canopies and shade structures. The organization has a program that offers up to $8,000 in incentives to nonprofit organizations and public schools that have permanent shade structures installed on their outdoor playgrounds.




ShadeFLA has installed playground canopies at schools, pools, parks, pet boarding centers, and museums throughout the South Florida region.



– Free-standing structures supported by durable steel posts
– Blocks 95% of the sun’s harmful rays
– Custom manufactured to your specifications
– Spans up to 100′