SunSquare Retractable Sails Gallery
Explore the latest in shading technology with Sunsquare Retractable Sails. This innovative design is sleek, modern and offers ultra-contemporary shade solutions.
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SunSquare Retractable Sails Gallery

SunSquare Retractable Sails Gallery

ShadeFLA - Stony Point SunSquare

Stony Point Fashion Park


Private Residence – Long Branch, NJ


Regalia – Sunny Isles, Miami


The Betsy Hotel Miami

ShadeFLA - Lululemon

Lululemon Tulsa, OK

15th and vine

The W Hotel Miami

ShadeFLA - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Downtown Miami

ShadeFLA - Broward Center for Performing Arts

Broward Center for Performing Arts


Private Residence – Bermuda

ShadeFLA - Private Residence Islamorada

Private Residence – Islamorada

ShadeFLA - Private Residence Bahamas

Private Residence – Bahamas

ShadeFLA - Columbus Networks

Columbus Networks

ShadeFLA - 3 Forks

3 Forks Jacksonville

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