Three Trends to Make Your Outdoor Space More Functional and Enjoyable

January 31, 2024


The start of a new year is a time for fresh starts and renewed perspectives, making it ideal for reimagining spaces and aesthetics. This is the moment to infuse innovation into outdoor design, staying ahead of the curve and creating environments that resonate with contemporary tastes.


Everyone loves being outdoors, but having the right shade is key to making an outdoor space comfy and inviting. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, or any place with an outdoor area, prioritizing a relaxing experience for customers and visitors remains imperative.


1. Customize Outdoor Areas

Elevating exterior spaces to be truly functional is a trend truly gaining momentum. Incorporating custom features like decking, louvered roofs, cable awnings, and tension sails can help transform a space. Additional features like misting fans can turn an uncomfortable, warm space into an outdoor oasis.


2. Create an Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor spaces are a huge opportunity to expand beyond an indoor environment. It doesn’t have to be complex – creativity and the right elements can bring your vision to life. Opt for upscale outdoor furniture that withstands the elements, retractable glass screen panels that create separation, and retractable sails that make every experience feel like a getaway.


3. Be Bold with Color and Texture

Dare to stand out by infusing bold colors and textures into your shading choices. Use materials that can withstand the elements and also deliver a visually dynamic look. Custom fabric art, geometric shapes, and vivid hues can give outdoor spaces a unique personality.


Every new year introduces us to fresh new ideas. Are you ready to embrace the latest outdoor trends and revamp your outdoor space? ShadeFLA is here to help you elevate your space with the latest trends. Call us or message us on social media so we can make your outdoor space the talk of the town!



Call us or message us on social media so we can make your outdoor space the talk of the town!