5 Artsy Shade Structures You Can Install Before Art Basel


Exterior screens
With this year’s concerns over the mosquito-borne Zika virus, exterior screens are a must-have. The breathable fabric allows air to flow through while keeping out insects. The screens also block strong morning and evening sunlight.
Lead time: 4-6 weeks
Retractable Roofs
Extend or retract the roof at the touch of a button. This product is customizable with various sizes and fabric pattern options.
Lead time: 4-6 weeks
Tensioned Shade Sails
If artsy is what you’re going for, then tension sails are the product for you. The eye-catching structures will wow your guests while keeping them cool.
Lead time: 6 weeks
Sun Square Retractable Sails
These stylish sails retract automatically in high winds.
Lead time: 6-8 weeks
TUUCI Umbrellas
The marine-grade umbrellas combine function and style like no other.
Lead time: 6-8 weeks
ShadeFLA designs and installs custom high-end shade structures including awnings, cabanas, tension sails, retractable roof pergolas and umbrellas.


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