How to Use a Sun Study to Create Your Outdoor Oasis

May 22, 2024

You want to create the perfect outdoor space for your guests, complete with comfortable patio furniture and a stylish shade covering, but the location gets a lot of afternoon sun. So, how can you make sure you’re offering a relaxing retreat instead of a sweaty inferno? Two words: sun study. It’s the ultimate tool for ensuring the shading in your outdoor space is strategically placed for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal.

A sun study involves analyzing the path of the sun throughout the day to determine its impact on a particular location. By studying these sun patterns, you can gain valuable insights into:

  1. Shadow play: Where will shadows fall at different times of the day? This knowledge is crucial for strategically placing shade structures like cable awnings, tension sails, and pergolas.
  2. Sun exposure: Do your guests crave sunshine while enjoying their morning coffee or afternoon shade for a power nap? A sun study helps you identify these ideal areas.
  3. Seasonal shifts: The sun’s position changes throughout the year. A sun study can reveal how much shade you’ll get in the scorching summer months compared to the cooler winter days.



The advantages of a sun study extend far beyond creating a comfortable outdoor space for guests.

  • It maximizes energy efficiency. Strategically placed shade can help keep a property cooler in the summer, reducing reliance on air conditioning and lowering energy bills.
  • It protects your investments. Excessive sun exposure can damage furniture, flooring, and other outdoor elements. A sun study can help you choose shade solutions that extend the lifespan of your patio.
  • It boosts sales: A sun study allows you to create a welcoming space, and studies show that an inviting outdoor space can increase your revenue by up to 30%.

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