Creating Paradise At Your Beachside Property

Sirata St. Pete - Shade FLA - awnings

Picture this: enjoying your favorite brew while a cool breeze whispers through your perfectly shaded barside as the sun sets.

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Bet you’re now asking yourself how you can create this slice of paradise for all of your guests (and you) to enjoy.

Paradise is a state of mind, but proper shading always helps…

Sirata St. Pete - Shade FLA - awnings

When we think of paradise, we always think of elegant comfort. Creating a space where your guests feel at ease requires the perfect mix of shaded comfort and classic appeal.

Something ShadeFLA accomplished with using Roman Shades (also known as swagged canopy shades) at the Sirata Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach, FL.

Why cable awnings are the choice for you.

Sirata St. Pete - Shade FLA - awnings

Shaping your outdoor space into one that provides the right amount of shading, but also remaining discreet enough as to not interrupt with the feel of your outdoor space, can be easily achieved with these custom retractable awnings.


  • Cable awnings are easily maneuverable.
    • These awnings can be manually or electrically operated, creating the needed shade (within minutes) for extra sunny beach or pool days.
  • Once retracted, these awnings are safe from any inclement weather (sorry rain and heavy winds, you’re not touching these guys!).
  • Can provide extra protection for your outdoor furniture. #LongerShelfLife


Shade Specifics:

  • Fabric used:  Phifertex Plus Mesh
  • Canopy Type: Cable Awning
  • Custom Frame:  Aluminum
  • Size of Project:  40′ x 23′
  • Architecture Firm: EOA


Ready to get started?

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