4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Awnings For Your Business

August 31, 2018

Awnings add a nice touch to doorways and windows of your home or business. That’s why it’s no surprise that entrance awnings that boost your business. They are also functional as well as decorative. They provide an easy shelter without the need to carry out unnecessary constructions for a few days even or an emergency shelter. Most of the awnings are made of fabric that is hoisted to the external walls of a building. This makes it essential whenever there are family occasions or meetings while enjoying the outside environment.



Awnings can be a great investment for your home or business, that’s why it’s important to know the common mistakes that you should avoid when choosing them.


  1. Failure to choose the right fabric

There is a lot of fabric variety when it comes to awnings. There also differ from manufacturers, which also affects its quality. This is why ShadeFLA offers a variety of high quality awning fabrics including Sunbrella, Starfire, Patio 500, Weblon and more depending on your design and budget. It’s also very important to know the type of material that is resistant to various weather conditions and go for it. Our design is sleek and modern to keep your customers cool and protected from the sun.




  1. Weight consideration

Usually, awnings are fixed on the wall above windows and doors. That’s why a structure is required to support the fabric. It’s very important to choose one that can support its weight but is also light enough so that it does not weigh heavily on the support structure.


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  1. Getting the right dimensions

Most businesses fail to realize that it’s also important to get the actual length of the wall and the area that will requires awnings. Getting an excessively large fabric will result in having a sagging awning and eventually a waste in fabric. Alternatively, having not enough fabric will have a shoddy outcome. ShadeFLA’s shade design experts will work with you to ensure your specific needs are met. Our awnings add exceptional value, comfort and beauty to your building.


  1. Getting the right supplier for the material

Most businesses also tend to forget that getting the right supplier is an important aspect in having a quality material. Rens assure that Shade FLA‘s awning fabric is made from long lasting materials. 


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