Five Reasons Why Pratic Retractable Roofs Are This Summer’s Must-Have Shade System

July 26, 2016

Five Reasons Why Pratic Retractable Roofs Are This Summer’s Must-Have Shade System


Pratic products combine stylish pergola structures with a retractable roof system so you can enjoy being outside no matter what the weather! ShadeFLA began offering retractable roof pergolas in 2011 and has offered the exclusive Pratic line since 2015.

1) Retractability = Flexibility
There’s nothing worse than sitting outside in the full sun on a hot day. That’s when the cool shade and UVA/UVB protection offered by a fabric roof is essential! Yet after the sun goes down and temperatures cool, no one wants to be stuck inside under a roof. Pratic offers the perfect compromise: With just a push of a button, Pratic roofs will retract so you can go from enjoying an afternoon in the shade to enjoying a night under the stars.

Retractable roof at the Loews Hotel Miami Beach

2) Protection from sun and rain
Shade is great when the weather is hot, but what if there’s a downpour? Pratic has you covered – literally! Not only does the fabric roof keep out the sun’s harmful rays, it is also waterproof to keep you dry in those sudden summer storms!

Sun and rain protection at a private residence in Miami Beach

3) Customizable to suit your every need
Pratic systems are custom designed and built to fit into any outdoor space, including large spaces! You can also customize your look by choosing a frame color, fabric color, and adding a fabric underlay (faux ceiling) for a sophisticated, polished look.

Cantina Laredo customized their look with a yellow fabric underlay

4) Add on additional products to give you the ultimate shade experience
Combine a Pratic retractable roof with tension sails for a modern look, or add lighting, fans, and screens to create a luxurious refuge from the sun.

The Standard Miami went for a 3-in-1 shade solution with tension sails, a retractable roof, and cooling fans

5) Stop losing out on business because of the weather
If you are a restaurant or hotel owner, you know how much business you lose when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Keep your clients cool and dry and attract new business with a stylish and functional Pratic retractable roof!

Proposed design for a client looking to maximize outside space

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