Slide on Cable Awnings are shade structures made of panels of flexible material, usually fabric, that are attached at regular intervals between two parallel wires that runs along both sides.


The panels are installed with a swale-like design attaching them with clips to the cable or wire. They can be easily removed for cleaning or storage by unclipping them.


This product gives the user the ability to control how much shade or sunlight the outdoor area covered with this shade structure gets by simply retracting the panels as needed since they can be easily opened a little or a lot simply by sliding it along the wire.


These slide on cable awnings can be installed attached to a building, pre-existing trellis/pergola, or a freestanding frame.


Allows light to permeate through the swale-design

Retracts by sliding the panels along the cable to easily control the amount of shade or sunlight that comes through

Easy cleaning and storage because panels can be unclipped

Panels can be of different colors to create unique combinations

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