Innovation, Hard Work, and Quality: The Keys to Success as a Female Entrepreneur

May 22, 2023

Becoming successful is a feat. Becoming a role model for female entrepreneurs is an even more admirable accomplishment. Women have historically been underrepresented in leadership positions. And yet, Margueritte Ramos has created waves of positive change that inspire women to pursue their dreams and succeed in business.

The Women’s Edge recently named ShadeFLA one of the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Florida. Margueritte’s innovative leadership, unwavering dedication to quality, and hard work at ShadeFLA set a remarkable example for aspiring female business leaders while earning her well-deserved recognition for her entrepreneurial achievements.

In 2021, Margueritte participated in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (10KSB) program. The program, which provides participants access to business education and business support services, had a significant impact on Margueritte. Since completing the program, she’s been able to develop new business opportunities, access new markets, and expand the company’s customer base.

Subsequent exposure from the Goldman Sachs program has also created other worthwhile opportunities. For example, Margueritte participated in J.P. Morgan Chase’s Women’s History Month – Boss Ladies Business panel earlier this year. The group comprised many trailblazing women who shared open and candid advice for female entrepreneurs and tips for how to succeed in business.

Margueritte’s achievements as an entrepreneur and business owner are truly remarkable. She has shown that it’s possible for women to succeed and make a significant impact in their industry. Through her leadership, ShadeFLA has become a well-respected brand in the shade solutions industry, and Margueritte has demonstrated that innovation, hard work, and a commitment to quality can lead to great success.

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