High Pressure Misting Systems

March 16, 2015

Low, Mid and High Pressure Misting Systems – this mist cooling system in available in creative designs offsets the highest temperatures and make it possible to enjoy the outdoor comfort.  The mist cooling fans offer fine water droplets that create a fog-mist sensation.

Outdoor misters or mist systems applications: restaurant, resort, hotel, fountain, golf areas, patio misters, theme park, zoo & more.  The only limits are your imagination.

High Pressure Misting Systems , also called cooling systems, force water through a special nozzle and instantly produce very fine water droplets into the air, specifically to those areas your wish to offer the cooling effect.  Cooling takes place when moisture absorbs the heat and transforms into vapor.

Depending on the misting system efficiency, as well as the outdoor temperature and relative humidity, temperates can be reduced to up to 30 F.


Residential Misting Systems Video

Restaurant Misting Fans – South Beach

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