AC Canopy Covers

Providing shade to the air conditioner condenser unit outside of your home, rooftop, or hotel by installing an AC Canopy Fabric Cover to block the sun’s rays increases the energy efficiency of your air conditioner.

Cover Unsightly AC Units with Canopy Fabric

The potential gains in increased efficiency vary depending on the specific unit, the type of fabric, and the unit’s location on the property. However, a shaded air conditioning unit can save up to 10 percent more energy efficient than the same unit unshaded. We fully engineer and permit our AC canopy fabric cover structures.

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Why is Shading Beneficial for AC?

The exterior condenser unit pulls in large amounts of the surrounding air, which it cools before sending it into your air conditioning system ducts. If the air that the unit pulls in is even a few degrees cooler, the unit does not need to use as much energy to cool that air. The greatest benefit of AC Canopy Fabric Covers comes when you are able to cool a large amount of nearby air through the awnings or canopies.

Our FR Rated Mesh Fabric allows AC units to circulate air properly

Cut your cooling costs and lengthen your air conditioner’s life

Shading your AC unit can help the unit to last longer and work more efficiently

Features of AC Canopy Covers

Save on energy costs

Up to 10% increase on the unit efficiency

Long lasting fabric covers

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