Balconista Tables & RailRunners

We carry a wide selection of Balconista Tables & RailRunners that are purposefully created for the enjoyment of balconies worldwide. Most balconies are equipped with patio furniture and pieces that are not designed for the unique balcony space, but Balconista Furniture elements enhance the outdoor experience and in turn, increases facility enjoyment and revenues.

Simple, Modern & Compact Designs

Balconista Tables & RailRunners are constructed out of PolyTuf and Luxewood Superior Wood Alternative made by Tangent USA. The process is Green Circle Certified, constructed from 95% post-consumer recyclables in Closed Loop Production. Specifically for outdoor balcony use, our selection of tables and drink rails are made in a variety of materials, including Simona® HDPE Boat Board, PVC, beautifully handcrafted mahogany, and more.

These products can count on an easy installation that allows you to get out and enjoy the balcony within minutes. The tables can be mounted at an appropriate social distance on any patio or terrace with a vertical railing. Increase the enjoyment of your outdoor space exponentially and start utilizing your gorgeous balcony space again!

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Table Options:

The perfect triangular 2-top table for your balcony space, this design wonder allows you to share conversation or coffee while enjoying your beautiful balcony view

No more looking through the rails, the LargoPlus Runner is perfect for commercial applications. Plenty of room for dining for two with a gorgeous view.

A perfect table for one or two, this square table can be mounted at an appropriate social distance on any patio or terrace with a vertical railing. It can also be set at counter height or standard chair height, the perfect addition for outdoor dining.

Rail Runner Options:

The perfect addition to your balcony, large or small.  Simple, modern and compact design increases the enjoyment of your outdoor space exponentially.

Expands on the simple, modern design of the Mini Runner by doubling the usable surface area. This rail easily holds 2 beverages with plenty of room for a phone or tablet.

The Largo is a full-size drink rail and easily holds beverages with plenty of room for phones and small plate appetizers. Simple and modern design attaches easily to any vertical railing.

Features of Balconista Tables & RailRunners

Easy to install and lightweight

Comes with all necessary stainless steel hardware, resistant to rust and corrosion

Standard, premium, and custom colors available

Included hardware fits all standard metal railings for hotels, apartments, condominiums, and high-rises

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