Exterior Screens

Beautiful and practical, exterior screens create flexibility in shade for areas that receive excessive sunlight. They are the perfect solution for maintaining shade and comfort in your home, office, or patio.

Fully customizable solution for hotels, pool decks, parks & terraces

The screens can be manually operated or motorized to retract at the push of a button. They are an especially good fit for patios at hotels and restaurants that receive strong angled sunlight in the morning and evening. The screens are also effective against bugs, rain and wind, and can be paired with heaters or misting fans to keep patios warm or cool.

Screen Features:

20 ft. Wide & 16 ft. High (Max width can vary depending on fabric choice)
A gear/crank set is standard on the SC4500. A convenient push-button motor is available as hardwire or with radio remote. We also offer wind sensors.
Recommended Fabric: Recasens (vast majority of uses), Serge Ferrari Soltis 86 (14% open), Serge Ferrari 502 vinyl with clear windows

We use Recasens fabric on a Sunair SC4500 frame

Clients often add exterior screens on to other shade products. They can be attached to existing structures such as a trellis or louvered roof pergola, retractable roof, or an existing frame. For the ultimate patio shade experience, we recommend a combination of retractable roof, retractable exterior screens, misting fans, and LED lighting. Screens are available in a wide variety of colors to suit your existing space. We also offer fabrics with varying transparency depending on your shade needs. Screens can be custom printed as well.

Features of Exterior Screens

Manually operated or motorized

Fully customizable solution for hotels, pool decks, parks and terraces

Fixed to structure and balanced to avoid kite effect

Available in a variety of colors and can be custom printed

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