Louvered Roofs

Louvered roofs are fully adjustable to suit any type of weather and are the perfect
shade structure for your outdoor spaces.

Louvered roof systems come with endless personalization options

The stylish panels can be rotated with a remote control from 0° to 150° to open and close the roof. The panels are manufactured from aluminum components that will withstand the elements. A closed roof will protect you and your guests from sun, rain, and wind, while when it is open it allows you to enjoy the great outdoors on a perfect day.

It can be customized with various colors of powdercoated finish. Also, endless personalization options are possible by adding side elements. These provide additional protection and an aesthetically beautiful finish.

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We Sell and Install Renson Camargue & Skye Louvered Roofs

All louvered roofs include a built-in gutter system and can withstand winds up to 183 mph (Category 5 hurricane). They can be installed freestanding, attached to an existing structure, or added as a roof to outdoor spaces. Because of the high quality aluminum used, the louvered roof is low maintenance and will not rust or decay.

Louvered Cabanas

ShadeFLA is proud to offer fixed louvered walls for cabanas. The sleek, classic style is the ultimate in eye-catching luxury. Combine fixed louvered cabana walls with an adjustable louvered roof for a design-forward solution that allows you to switch from sun to shade at the press of a button. Hotel guests will love the luxurious privacy and flexibility offered by a louvered cabana, which can be used by the pool, beach, or spa.

Features of Louvered Roofs

Fully adjustable to suit the weather

Remote panel rotation controls (from 0° to 150°)

Aluminum construction and components

Custom Sizing

Selection of powder-coating color options

Built-in gutter system

Wind resistant up to 183mph (category 5 hurricane)

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