Misting Systems

Low-, mid- and high-pressure misting systems provide liquid shade to keep you and your customers relaxed and cool. Mist cooling systems are available in creative designs or combined with fans to unobtrusively offset high temperatures and make it possible to enjoy outdoor comfort.  Mist cooling fans and towers generate fine water droplets that create a fog-mist sensation.


The cooling systems force water through a special nozzle, instantly producing a cloud of very fine water droplets. Cooling takes place when the moisture absorbs the heat and vaporizes. The nozzle can be adjusted to specifically address areas most in need of a cooling effect and to widen or narrow the aim of the mist flow.


Outdoor misters or mist systems are popular at restaurants, resorts, hotels, children’s play areas, golf course cafes, patios, theme parks, zoos & more. We can help you integrate a misting system into your existing structure or add it on as part of a new structure. Let us know your vision and needs – the only limit is your imagination!


Depending on the misting system pressure, as well as the outdoor temperature and relative humidity, temperatures can be reduced to up to 30º F.  ShadeFLA has installed misting systems on rooftop decks, in conjunction with fans, and on terraces.


Low to high pressure misting systems

Widen or narrow the direction of flow

Popular from restaurants and hotels to play areas and golf courses—and everything in-between

Reduce temperatures as much as 30°

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