Retractable Lateral Arm Awnings

As the demand for shade structures that are both sleek and functional increases, ShadeFLA has turned to these modern retractable lateral arm awnings by ShadeLab and SunAir to provide its clients with the latest in shade. Winner of the 2010 Red dot design award, the Shan Retractable Lateral Arm by ShadeLab is a state-of-the-art cassette awning that does not compromise the design of your house or business, preserving the architectural lines of your outdoor space.


SunAir retractable awnings also offer the same convenient shade benefits.  They can be easily mounted and can feature a hand crank or a motor.


Energy Benefits

Lateral arm awnings can reduce sunlight and glare through your windows by up to 94% and reduce heat gain by as much as 77%. Awnings can reduce cooling energy by as much as 17% in moderate climates. You can also reduce your utility bills.

Shan Features

  • Dat System – A system that lowers the arm when extending the fabric to prevent ware from contact
  • Full Cassette – The cassette fully surrounds the fabric roll.
  • Micrometric Pitch Regulation – Allows for easy and precise adjustment of pitch during installation
  • Motorized System – Torque Sensing Motor that senses and adjusts to ensure smooth opening and closing
  • Contemporary Arm Design – Cutting edge modern retractable awning and design
  • Wall Mount
  • Wind Sensor Compatible – Options available to integrate with the system and provide additional protection from inclement weather


SunAir Features

  • Made from forged aluminum, resulting in stronger awning against the elements
  • Two-way movable front arm attachment for the ultimate in flexibility and strength
  • Uses twin cables to reduce wear and allow for better arm and fabric tension
  • All fabrics are sewn with Tenara thread and will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements


Motorized or Manual Hand Crank Options

Modern & Sleek Arm Design

Wall Mount

Wind Sensor Compatible

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