Skyspan Umbrellas

January 19, 2015

Manufactured in Carrollton, Georgia, Skyspan is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial outdoor umbrellas. Skyspan Umbrella Structures are designed to be long lasting and able to withstand wind gusts of up to 93 mph, depending on the model, and ingeniously designed for ease for both installation and client use. The retractable umbrellas can withstand gusts of up to 75 mph while opened, and are 100% UV rated and waterproof.

The umbrellas are equipped with a removable handle and are easy to close, making them perfect for restaurants, cafes and outdoor bars that are in need or retractable shade structures. They can be opened or closed within minutes. The Sunset and Horizon ranges also come with a 10 year anti-rust guarantee.

Skyspan’s Vista cantilever range features offset umbrellas without a center post. The outdoor umbrella has a pivoting base, giving it 360 degree rotation, perfect for keeping out the sun throughout the day and for covering multiple areas. It comes in three different shapes and nine different sizes, giving you plenty of options for your outdoor space.

The umbrella structure consists of solid powder-coated structural aluminum frames and arms or structural grade steel masts. The PVC-coated, flame-retardant fabric of the umbrella prevents airborne dust and pollution from going through the fabric, making it virtually self-cleaning. A stainless cable is concealed inside the perimeter of the canopy to give the classic curved profile that makes their look so appealing.

Interested in branded umbrellas? Umbrellas are a great marketing tool to easily show your company’s logo.

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