Spend More of Your Time Outside

March 31, 2021

Daylight savings began at 2am, Sunday, March 14th. And while we might have lost an hour of sleep, we’ve gained more evening daylight.

Those long, sunny evenings Daylight Saving Time offers give us reasons to be outside more. Later sunsets during warm months mean a higher likelihood Americans will spend their evenings at outdoor restaurants and lounges.

Outdoor patios, beer gardens, sidewalk cafes, and terrace and rooftop spaces have always been hugely popular this time of year. But outdoor seating is still at the mercy of the weather, which is why many business owners invest in custom outdoor structures.

Shade structures are available with all sorts of options to maximize your space and protect clientele from the elements.

Shaded cabana at Goodtime Hotel

Awnings can provide shelter from unpredictable weather and give you the ability to control how much shade or sunlight the covered area will get.

Cabanas offer protection from the sun, rain, and wind and help create a private, individualized outdoor space.

Louvered roofs are the perfect shade structure for any type of space. Fully customizable, these stylish panels protect from the elements and make an aesthetically beautiful statement.

Retractable roofs are one of the most popular high-end outdoor shade options. The systems are relaxed yet stylish enough for all spaces.

Screens are the perfect solution for areas that receive excessive sunlight, especially restaurants that receive angled sunlight in the evenings. Outdoor seating at Goodtime Hotel

Tension sails are fully customizable and perfect for outdoor decks and terraces.

Umbrellas are flexible and economical shade solutions suited for practically any outdoor space.

And speaking of custom outdoor spaces, have you read the latest issue of Ocean Drive Magazine? It includes a fantastic story about The Goodtime Hotel, which happens to be one of our latest projects. On the third floor of what will surely soon be a Miami Beach “it spot,” is a 30,000 sq. ft. pool and deck. We had the privilege of working with world-renowned designer Ken Fulk on an idea that elevates the pool experience. We’re eager for hotel guests to be able to relax and recharge in our custom cabanas, dining canopy, and bars.

Poolside cabanas at Goodtime Hotel

Now is the time to improve your outdoor space to better suit your guests. Investing in luxury shading solutions doesn’t just protect guests from the elements; it enhances their experiences and improves the bottom line. If you want to integrate shaded luxury elements into your outdoor spaces, call us or message us! The ShadeFLA team consists of shade experts, architects, designers, and installers always willing to share our knowledge to help deliver a top-notch end product.