Shade your World with Custom Artwork

February 28, 2021

Have you ever lounged by the pool of a beautifully styled hotel, looked up at the umbrella or cabana above you, and immediately realized it was completely uninspiring?

We know how you feel. The creative geniuses at ShadeFLA had that same revelation when the company was founded, recognizing we didn’t want to limit our fabric choices to just monotone colors. From the start, we knew that adding colorful creations to the fabrics we use for our sun shade installations would promote a greater sense of personality.


When we set out to formulate a plan, we knew we had one major obstacle: the sun. It’s hard to beat the beautiful weather and endless sunshine of the tropics, but the sun is unforgiving. We needed to make sure we could offer quality materials with the right printing techniques. So, we sourced high-quality fabrics and a unique coating and printing process that delivers unrivalled protection against discoloring and degradation of quality. What’s more, our printable fabrics are the only product in the market that offers a warranty on UV-resistance, mold, dirt-repellence, flex resistance against tearing, and overall appearance.

Custom fabric shade

Once we found a product and process we could put our reputation behind, we partnered with Printable out of Holland. Their skillful designs and eclectic creations allow the viewer to mentally walk around and explore. Printable’s creative work is custom painted on our umbrellasretractable roofs, or sail shades.

Custom fabric shade from PrintablesThere are many companies that say they can provide custom fabric solutions. But it’s always best to work with one that’s trusted and experienced. If you want to integrate custom fabric art to the shaded luxury elements of your outdoor spaces, call ustweet us, or Facebook message us! The ShadeFLA team of shade experts, architects, designers, and installers is always willing to share our knowledge to produce a top-notch end product.