The Louvered Roof System

July 19, 2018

Summer is here, and if you live in South Florida, summer is here to stay for a few more months! This is a time of very unpredictable weather as rain and even winds can pop up at any moment. It’s recommended for business establishments with outdoor areas to protect their furniture as much as possible because the weather can affect their quality. But don’t worry! The Louvered Roof System literally has you covered. Its features and advantages will keep your business safe and grounded during though weather conditions.




Best Features

The panels our louvers are capable of 0° to 170° rotation to either fully open or close them and easily adapts to any weather that comes. They are composed of aluminum or stainless steel parts to ensure durability and potentially reduce rusting. It has a wide variety of powercoating color options to best fit your establishment and tastes and is also custom-sized to accommodate and installment. It is highly weather-ready with its built-in gutter system and it’s tensile strength of wind resistance up to 175 mph.



Weatherproof Benefits

As stated with all the features, the Louvered Roof System comes with a lot of advantages. The most obvious one is the protection, but not just any basic protection. It provides an adaptable type of protection to any kind of weather thanks to its adjustable paneling. It is also saves space and maximizes your outdoor placement. Its built-in gutter system reduces the risk of your roof collecting water when it rains and potentially drenching your customers.




The Louvered Roof system is aesthetic, to some extent, as its sleek classic style can bring some much needed additional chic to your establishment. The hidden advantage of installing this is that it’s highly cost-effective because it requires low maintenance and does not easily rust or decay. This means that having a Louvered Roof System is a sound investment at it’s very functional, adaptable and long-lasting.


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