3 reasons you need a site visit to inspect your shade structures

February 10, 2022
It’s rare, but sometimes the year can get off to a rainy and gloomy start in the Sunshine State. The amount of rain we might see towards the end of winter doesn’t compare to the 30-45 inches we typically see from May to October. But it should serve as a reminder to schedule a site visit for evaluation, maintenance, and possible repairs of your shade products.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Shade structures are a valuable addition to any outdoor space. Ensuring the ambiance you’ve created continues to please your guests requires regular maintenance and upkeep. After all, constant exposure to the elements can cause frayed fabric, slack vinyl, and cracked attachments. Regular inspection is the only way to guarantee your investment looks as good today as the day it was installed.

Upgrading Your Current Shading Solution

As with any improvement project, there comes a time when you need an upgrade. Shade structures are no exception. Perhaps you’re enlarging the outdoor space, changing your building’s color scheme, or rebranding. Regardless of the changes you’re making, your existing structure may no longer complement your improvements.

Preparing for Severe Weather

Inclement weather is disruptive, often forcing businesses to act quickly. Those that lack a comprehensive weather plan are left scrambling. While severe weather is unpredictable, your response to it shouldn’t be. Let’s talk now about removing, storing, or reinforcing your shade structure. Creating a well-thought-out inclement weather policy now will save you a lot of time and energy in the future.
At ShadeFLA, we make maintaining, upgrading, and repairing your shade structure a simple process. So call ustweet us, or Facebook message us to help you get started.