3 Ways Healthcare Facilities Will Benefit from Outdoor Spaces

March 22, 2022

Hospitals and healthcare centers are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of care they provide their patients. One innovative way to deliver that care is by creating usable outdoor space.

Reducing stress and anxiety.

Outdoor spaces offer a natural and calming environment that can help reduce stress and anxiety, which often goes hand-in-hand in health-related settings. One study reports that patients who had access to outdoor space reported significantly less pain, stress, and anxiety than those who didn’t have access to such spaces.

Supporting patient recovery.

Spending time outdoors has been linked with improved moods and cognitive function, which are essential for patients recovering from either physical or mental ailments. Patients who have been hospitalized for an extended period can feel isolated and alone. Having the option to take a break from the sterile environment inside to enjoy the sun and fresh air will undoubtedly lift their spirits. What’s more, exposure to sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, which plays an essential role in immune function.

Social advantages.

In addition to the therapeutic benefits that hospitals can reap from having usable outdoor space, there are also social advantages. Outdoor spaces provide a natural venue for patients and staff to interact and build relationships.
In short, hospitals and healthcare centers with usable outdoor space can provide a valuable resource for their patients, improving their overall experience and speeding up their healing process.

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