Let the Sunshine In! How to Move Your Office Outdoors

September 30, 2021

Our surroundings impact our mood. That’s just a proven fact. And if you’re doubtful, be mindful of the way your mood changes the next time you walk into a messy house, and the culprits are nowhere to be found. However, it’s not just at home. Workplace environments can also impact a person’s mood, stress level, and overall health and wellbeing.

As businesses return to the office, many are creating outdoor workspaces as an innovative way to provide a better workplace experience.
Colorful storefront of the restaurant "sweetgreen"Business owners and leaders are seeing the correlation between increased happiness, energy, productivity, creativity, and exposure to the outdoors – for employees, guests and everyone in between. A mindful approach to design can be transformative for any business. Our clients are no exception:
“ShadeFLA’s transformation of our outdoor patio included a custom awningmisting fans, string lights, and printed exterior screens, creating a wonderful dining experience for our guests. We have seen our revenues increase by over 40%!”
-Kevin Waldstein, General Manager of Gale South Beach
A growing number of companies are embracing the idea of mindful design, a method of designing that takes mental and physical wellbeing into account when creating products and spaces. Many businesses now have quiet rooms, gyms, and outdoor office spaces.
Employing healthy and happy individuals is good for everyone. Employees are more productive. They take fewer sick days. They report lower levels of stress. In essence, when employees feel good, businesses do well.
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