Precautions For Hurricanes & Storms

October 10, 2017

We would like to send out our sincerest sympathies to everyone impacted during this record-breaking hurricane season. As a company that specializes in outdoor living and shade structure design, ShadeFLA understands more than others the significant role of our landscape architecture.

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These powerful storms have uprooted many of the trees in the Caribbean Islands, Florida and Texas, taking with them the essential shade needed to protect its residents from the sun’s harmful rays.

That is why we want to not only help in the restoration process, but we also want to educate our neighbors, friends and everyone living in areas susceptible to these powerful storms about taking the proper precautions in order to ensure that the outdoor areas of your homes & businesses can withstand these strong wind gusts.

Apart from taking all appropriate safety measures prior to a hurricane, ShadeFLA recommends you follow the guidelines below to ensure that your shade structures do not incur damages:

Tension Sails
ShadeFLA’s tension sails are designed to withstand up to 82 mph winds (category 1 hurricane). If winds exceed 82 mph, all tension sails must be taken down prior to the storm.

Retractable Roofs
Protect your retractable roof systems by fully retracting the structure. For additional protection, tie with bungee cords to secure the fabric.

Cabanas & Awnings
Fabric awnings can also withstand a category 1 hurricane. However, for storms with winds above 82 mph, remove all fabric cabanas, awnings and canopies. In case of last-minute circumstances where professional removal of the awning is no longer an option, remove fabric by cutting the rope surrounding the structure (picture below) and store properly in a safe place.

Cut through the individual loops to release the fabric from the structure.