How Exterior Shades and Awnings Can Decrease Your Utility Bill

November 1, 2017

How Exterior Shades and Awnings Can Decrease Your Utility Bill


Most of us are dealing with this never-ending battle: our rising energy bills, whether it’s at home or at our business. In the past, we’ve tried all sorts of tricks and home remedies to lower our electric usage, but we usually end up with minimal to no decrease in our bill at all.

Maybe you’ve tried turning the lights off whenever you step out of a room at your home or setting your thermostat at a certain temperature when you’re away for maximum energy savings. But what you don’t know is that there is a much simpler way to reduce your energy usage.

Maybe you have made use of pretty drapes inside your home, or used awnings and canopies to provide protection from the sun in your business. Did you know that by choosing the correct materials and finding the perfect placement of shades could actually help in minimizing your electric bill?

During the spring and summer, when the air is humid and muggy outside, most of us would rather stay indoors to avoid the extreme heat. But instead of doing this, here are 2 options you can explore to keep your home and business cool, and eventually, reduce your utility bill.

Exterior Screens 

Exterior screens are considered the least complicated and most cost-effective way to save energy. The U.S. Department of Energy puts high importance on how we protect our home and business from the sun and rain. A recent study showed that exterior screens decrease solar heat by a whopping 33% for areas that receive excessive sunlight. The MasterShade screen system by Sunair combines function and quality, the perfect solution for maintaining comfort and saving energy at your home or business. Exterior screens drastically reduces the heat and disturbing glares caused by the sun, allowing you to relax at home without the sunlight that penetrates through your doors and windows.

Ideal locations: Perfect for patios at hotels and restaurants that receive strong angled sunlight in the morning and evening
Best uses: Decreases solar heat, depending on the fabric and transparency.
Recommendations: For the ultimate patio shade experience, we recommend a combination of retractable roof, retractable exterior screens, misting fans, and LED lighting.



commercial Awnings south florida shades fla

Awnings offer astounding protection against the sun in areas with extreme hot climate. Studies conducted by the United States Energy Department show that awnings can reduce solar heat gain by 65%-77%. This is a significant amount that will definitely help lower your energy consumption up to 30%, saving your home or business hundreds of dollars annually!

The SlimLite awnings from Layze Systems are a revolutionary system that excels in every category that makes an outdoor-living product great: Modular Versatility, Modern Design, Cost Efficiency and even Hurricane Resistance.

Ideal locations: Perfect for any outdoor area
Best uses: Minimizing heat gain in warm weather