ShadeFLA Small Business Tips

August 10, 2016

Small Business Tips


ShadeFLA President Margueritte Ramos shares some small business tips in her latest post on Huffington Post’s Small Business Blog! The main takeaway is that being an involved member of your community is essential for hatching a great business concept.

“Before you even start your business, your community connections are a valuable resource for discovering which goods or services your community is lacking.”


She goes on to offer some insights from her own success with ShadeFLA:

“From personal experience and my interactions with neighbors, clients and community members, I knew that sun safety was a pertinent issue in Miami but noticed that many public areas and outdoor businesses were not adequately shaded. My business, ShadeFLA, was founded with the goal of filling my community’s need.”


Most small business owners know the importance of networking as a means of growing sales, but at the beginning, networking is also important for researching where your business can fill a need.

“Identifying an unmet need in your community gives you a powerful competitive edge in the market.”


This competitive edge can remain strong if you keep on top of trends and changes in the community. For the full blog post, click here.