SunSquare is a Shade Solution that Delivers for you like No Other

November 30, 2021

Protection from the elements is essential for architects and designers when working on outdoor spaces. On the one hand, they want to deliver a space that’s a beautiful extension of the inside. On the other hand, they need to consider a stylish and thoughtful way to provide shelter from the elements. Our recommendation for the best solution to accomplish both is the SunSquare system.


Manufactured in Austria, the SunSquare system consists of triangular and square motor-driven retractable sails. This unique shade structure is the ultimate in architectural state-of-the-art shade technology, automatically retracting when winds exceed 25 miles per hour.

SunsquareDesigned by award-winning industrial designer Gerald Wurz, the sails are sewn from high quality shade fabric that protects against UVA/UVB rays and light rain. The system has a frame made from marine-grade stainless steel that can either be free-standing or mounted onto walls. The custom design easily fits into any environment to offer a combination of function and style.

Over 10,000 SunSquare systems have now been mounted worldwide to hotels, restaurants, upscale residences, and other structures, creating a luxury shade experience like no other. As the exclusive U.S. retailer of SunSquare retractable shade sails, ShadeFLA has the unique opportunity to help you design a space that’s simple, elegant, and functional.


Visit our SunSquare gallery for recent installations in Virginia, New Jersey, the Caribbean, and South Florida.
Sunsquare outdoors
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