Designing Your Outdoor Shading Structure

June 30, 2021

The best way to compliment the style of your business

Outdoor structures that serve a functional purpose have never been more popular than they are today. Adding a shade structure provides an immediate location for outdoor seating, lounging, and entertaining. Choosing the best product for your business is a big decision.

Serge Ferrari_Novotel

It’s crucial to take into consideration not just the space but also its desired function. First and foremost, a shade structure must provide protection from the elements. But what other purpose does it need to serve?

  • Are you looking for a structure that functions as an extension of your indoor space?
  • Are you hoping that outdoor space serves as a stylish feature?
  • Do you need something stationary or portable?

There are so many uniquely individual ways to add a cooling shade area and increase the functionality and style of your outdoor space.

Awnings provide immediate curb appeal and add height and dimension to your space.

Cabanas offer protection from the sun, rain, and wind and help create a private, individualized outdoor space.Cabana - Renson Camargue

Louvered roofs are such versatile shade structures. They protect from the elements and make an aesthetically beautiful statement.

Retractable roofs are one of the most popular high-end outdoor shade options. The systems are relaxed yet stylish enough for all spaces.

Screens are the perfect solution for areas that receive excessive sunlight, especially restaurants that receive angled sunlight in the late afternoon.

Tension sails are fully customizable and perfect for outdoor decks and terraces.

Umbrellas are flexible and economical shade solutions suited for practically any outdoor space.

The best outdoor spaces are those that feel like and stylish extension of your interior space. This is best achieved with shade structures that are equally beautiful, comfortable and fit your overall decor. Let us help you discover the perfect shade solution for your needs.