5 Ways Shade Makes Playgrounds Better

April 18, 2022

Life is carefree for school-aged children during the summer. School is a distant memory. The weather is magnificent, and parks and playgrounds are beckoning. But in South Florida, summertime also means relentless heat! So, the only outdoor play structures that are truly enjoyable are the ones with shade.

Here are five reasons why your playground or park needs a shade structure.

  1. Shade structures protect against UV rays. UV exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer, and children are especially susceptible because their skin is thinner than adult skin. Shade structures protect from the sun’s harmful rays, so kids can stay safe while enjoying the outdoors.
  2. Shade structures reduce heat-related illnesses. Heatstroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when the body overheats, usually due to prolonged physical exertion or exposure to high temperatures. Shade structures keep kids’ bodies cool and comfortable, reducing their risk of heat-related illnesses.
  3. Shade structures prevent playground equipment from becoming too hot to handle. Most people expect playground equipment made from metal and hard plastic to get hot. When outdoor temperatures are in the 80s, the equipment temperature could be much higher. Using equipment steadily heated by the summer sun can lead to blistering burns.
  4. Shade structures create a comfortable environment. When it’s hot outside, the only way to stay comfortable is to find some shade. Shade structures provide respite from the heat, making it possible to stay outdoors enjoying long summer days.
  5. Shade structures are attractive. Shade structures can be beautiful. They come in all shapes and sizes and add visual interest to playgrounds and parks.
If you’re looking for a way to enhance your playground or park, adding a shade structure is a great choice. ShadeFLA has a wide variety of shade solutions sure to heighten the play experience for everyone. Call ustweet us, or Facebook message us to get started on your project.