February 24, 2023

Three Top Shade Trends for Your Business in 2023

Every new year introduces us to fresh ideas. Are you ready to embrace the latest outdoor trends and revamp your outdoor space?

February 9, 2023

There Are So Many Ways You Can Engage with ShadeFLA!

Our latest trends are all online.

Happy Holidays
December 16, 2022

Give the Gift of Shade This Holiday Season

We look forward to helping you create a more shaded tomorrow in 2023.

December 15, 2022

Maximize Your Outdoor Space with A Smart Pergola Shade Solution

Pergolas date back to ancient Egypt and Rome. For centuries, they’ve been a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Today, pergolas are still popular for their …

December 4, 2022

IVYFON MIAMI / ART BASEL 2022 Speaker Marketing Brochure

The program engages family office and institutional investors, as well as fund and deal sponsors to share information about their broad outlook while providing narrow and specific …

November 22, 2022


We were thrilled to participate in the South Florida Architecture & Design Summit last month! This important event brings together the region’s leading architects, engineers, developers, and design …

September 29, 2022

David Grutman, Pharrell Williams set to debut Goodtime Hotel in Miami Beach this week

  Image Credit: Alice Gao   The Art Deco-style hotel features a pool deck, an on-site restaurant, a private lounge and ground-floor retail. Read More:   

September 29, 2022

Pharrell Williams and David Grutman’s Goodtime Hotel in Miami Beach is our new happy place

Image Credit: Alice Gao  Fulk’s design concept channels mid-century Caribbean and Central American resort towns (think Havana and Acapulco back in the day), with broad stripe pastel …

September 29, 2022

The Goodtime Hotel

Image Credit: The Goodtime Hotel  The 25,000-square-foot pool deck has two pools, a bar with pink lanterns and cabinets, a DJ booth and assorted (all pink …

September 29, 2022

8 Playful Pieces As Pretty As This Miami Beach Hotel

Image Credit: Alicia Gao Meet The Goodtime Hotel, the brainchild of Grammy Award-winning artist Pharrell Williams and hospitality maven David Grutman. Read More: 

September 29, 2022


Image Credit: The Goodtime Hotel  Welcome to Miami. We’re so excited to announce The Goodtime Hotel, founded by Pharrell and David Grutman, has opened its doors. Read …