3 Steps to Prepare Your Awnings and Patio Furniture for Winter

January 5, 2018

Did you know that awning in your home patios can reduce solar heat gain by 65%-77%? Shade FLA can help you with that! Shade FLA can provide you with a wide variety of shade structures that are custom-made for you. There are shade structures that come with membrane canopies, portable canopies, retractable awnings and a lot more. You might think this is applicable only during the spring and summer, but that’s not always the case. There are certain shade structures and patio accessories you might need to prevent the snow and win from destroying the structure during the winter.



Here are 3 easy steps to prepare your awnings and patio furniture for winter:


1. Inspect Shade Structures

For the past few years, we’ve been experiencing unusually warm winters, especially in South Florida. This makes customers kept their shade structures up during the winter. Most of the time, this will make it wear out because the sun causes it to age quickly. One way to prevent this is to seek help and call Shade FLA. Shade FLA will ensure that your shade structures, awning, and other accessories are fully be protected. ShadeFLA’s shade design experts will work with you to ensure your specific needs are met. Our awnings add exceptional value, comfort and beauty to your building.




2. Cleaning

One way to maintain a strong awning is to clean it regularly. Dirt occurs in the outdoors when there is a hard rain, hurricanes, or snowstorms. Spray your awnings using soap and water when the temperature rises above 60 degrees. The fabric from our awnings are made from long lasting materials and construction methods to withstand elements that can harm them. There are a lot of advantages that you can enjoy the protection of a shade structure. One thing you need to remember is to not to use harsh chemicals when cleaning. This can cause stains and discolorations to the structures.

3. Store away fabric

It is important to store your screen rooms and rolling canopies during winter to prevent them from damaging. You should carefully roll them up and place them in protective gear to prevent tears and rip. On the other hand, all exterior patio furniture should be properly stored since it can cause serious damage from the strong winds and sun. You can also put a  weatherproof cover on your tables and chairs for added protection.



If you want to simplify your life, contact Shade FLA now!